Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Facuty Recipients of the Integrating Writing into STEM Grants!

Welcome to the Writing Center’s 2020 WAMSU Showcase, where we celebrate the accomplishments of our Integrating Writing into STEM faculty partners.


Chemical & Biological Engineering

Jennifer Brown and Stephanie Wettstein

Jennifer Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Stephanie Wettstein, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

For their 400-level Unit Operations laboratory series, Drs. Brown and Wettstein integrated in-class writing workshops as well as individual and group tutoring sessions. Their goal was to both meet the primary ABET assessment outcome that requires students to have an ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences, and to provide the students the opportunity to practice communication skills they will need in their future careers.

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Environmental Engineering

Ellen Lauchnor and Adrienne Phillips

Ellen Lauchnor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering

Adie Phillips, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering

The primary goal for Drs. Lauchnor and Phillips was to design writing assignments for two 300-level courses required by the new Environmental Engineering major. Their aim was to improve the quality of students' writing prior to their senior year capstone projects and better prepare them for the specific types of report and grant writing required of professional engineers. Incorporating in-class workshops and tutor-facilitated writing studios added a layer of support for students in both courses.

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Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Dr. Bernadette McCrory

Bernadette McCrory, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Dr. McCrory proposed improvements to a multi-draft technical report assignment that required students to explain, evaluate, and apply their statistical analyses to draw conclusions. Her goal was to improve engineering students' written communication by inviting Writing Center tutors into the classroom throughout the semester to workshop students' writing toward professional, clear, concise, and evidence-based statistical narratives.

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Dr. Nicole Carnegie

Nicole Carnegie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Statistics

In the upper-division Applied Statistics core, Dr. Carnegie wanted to apply the same careful thought and planning to the course's writing instruction as she gives to the statistical content. Her goals were to refine the course's major writing assignment, a statistical report, to make space for active instruction in writing. She also incorporated tutor-facilitated writing studios to support her students through their writing processes.

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Livestock Genomics

Dr. Jennifer Thomson

Jennifer Thomson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Livestock Genomics

Dr. Thomson's goal was to revise the existing writing assignments, processes, and grading instruments in Livestock Genetics and Breeding. While crafting Extension Bulletins, her students focused on writing multiple drafts for specific audiences, as well as utilizing a broader range of tools to integrate research and peer feedback into their writing.

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Cell Biology & Neuroscience

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Marc Mergy, Ph.D.
Instructor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Dr. Mergy has worked with the Writing Center for three semesters. This past fall, he added tutor-facilitated writing studios to his 80-student Biomedical Genetics course. His goal was to help students better communicate complex scientific information to non-scientists through repeated peer feedback and regular checkpoints that allowed for low-stakes conversations with classmates.

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2018-2019 Integrating Writing into STEM Grant Recipients

Jean Dixon 
Earth Sciences

Dr. Dixon created an iterative research project that guides her students through the process of proposing, drafting, revising and presenting their work. Her course serves five concentrations within the Earth Sciences, as well as Land Resources, Environmental Sciences, and Civil Engineering.

Haley Dunkel, Marc Mergy, and Christa Merzdorf
Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Drs. Dunkel, Mergy, and Merzdorf worked with the Writing Center to align their Introductory Biology lab reports and journal responses with current practices in writing pedagogy. Our partnership included GTA training, developing writing-in-science resources, and connecting students with tutors and peers.

Charles McLaughlin
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Professor Charles McLaughlin worked to integrate a new writing component into his analytical chemistry (CHMY 311) curriculum. His assignment--an essay that asked students to write for a wide audience--aims to develop his students' communication skills and prepared them for the writing they'll do in their professional lives. McLaughlin's students met every few weeks in writing studio groups facilitated by Writing Center tutors as they worked toward publishable drafts of their essays.

David Millman
Gianforte School of Computing

Dr. Millman improved current tutorial-based learning environments by creating a student-driven learning model. His students developed personalized computer science tutorials for Windows, Mac, and Linux environments for their peers.