#1 - Read the Montana Body Donation Program Brochure and the Declaration of Consent form.

#2 - Contact the MBDP with any questions you may have.

#3 - Discuss your decision with your family.

#4 - Fill out and sign three copies of the Declaration of Consent form. Get two witnesses to also sign the DOC forms (preferably next of kin witnesses). One copy should be sent to the MBDP, one should be kept for your records, and one should be given to your next of kin, an attorney, a physician, or a funeral home.

#5 - Contact your local funeral home and let them know you intend to donate your body. Make sure you also have alternative plans in case we are not able to accept your donation.

#6 - Inform the MBDP of any changes to your form (e.g., if you decide you no longer want to donate your body to medical eduation or you have a change of address).