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Department of Education Scholarship Application

College of Education, Health and Human Development

Montana State University


Please complete this application by Feb. 15, 2018. In addition, you must include your most current transcript, preferably upon completion of Fall semester 2017

First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Initial:
Student ID Number:
Street Address/PO Box:
Phone Number:
Preferred Email Address:
High School Name:
High School City:
High School State:

The following information is needed to help qualify applicants for various scholarships.

Undergraduate Graduate
In state? (Montana Resident?)
Yes No
If no, what state?

MSU Cumulative GPA:

MSU Credits completed by end of Spring 2018:

Number of semesters enrolled in MSU by Spring 2018:

Other Institution GPA for transfer students;
or High School GPA if entering Freshman:

Other Institution Credits Earned:

Name of other institution for other credits:

Total college credits earned from all institutions:

Full-time MSU Student in 2018-2019?
Yes No

Planned date of MSU graduation (semester/year):

Have you or will you file a FAFSA? (Some scholarship are based on financial need. You MUST have a FAFSA on file with MSU's Financial Aid Office)
Yes No

Are you employed?
Yes No

Are you a single parent?
Yes No

Are you a non-traditional age student (Over the age of 25)?
Yes No

Native American Heritage?
Yes No

Are you a Native American who wants to teach on or near a Montana reservation?
Yes No

Are you completing your first undergraduate degree?
Yes No

If an undergraduate, have you been accepted into the K-12 Teacher Education Program?
Yes No

Are you a member of Kappa Delta Pi?
Yes No
Do you currently volunteer for Eagle Mount ski program??
Yes No

Have you ever attended or currently attending Yellowstone Academy of the Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch?
Yes No
If so, what years did you attend?

Are you a former staff member or current staff member of the Yellowstone Academy of the Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch?
Yes No
If so, what was your staff position?

Are you a member of the Technology Education Club at MSU?
Yes No

Do you give permission to release scholarship award information and photos to donors or the news media? (Ex: press releases to papers, postings on MSU web site, photos in MSU publications and events)
Yes No

Instructions: First, write your essay in a word document and save it to your computer. Then copy and paste it into the space below. Please limit essay to 1 page.

Prompt: Explain what your personal and professional goals are and how a scholarship will help you achieve your educational goals. Please include a statement of your financial need and how a scholarship will help support your education and goals. Also include leadership, organizations you belong to, volunteer/extracurricular activities, honors and awards, work experience (how many hours a week you work), community service, and other supporting information about yourself that will help the scholarship committee evaluate you and your application.