Do not miss the opportunities below to connect with employers while they are on campus to recruit YOU! Students of ALL majors and academic levels are welcome to attend.

On-campus interviewing coordinates great opportunities between students seeking internships, soon-to-be grads seeking career positions, and employers looking to fill their hiring needs. Students view and apply for listed positions, both full-time and internship, and sign up for interviews online. At you can interact with the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can create and save up to 6 different resumes, 6 company-specific cover letters, a writing sample, and an unofficial transcript.

If you are interested in interviewing with an employer who is hosting an information session, it is strongly suggested that you attend. The interview process (including the information session) should be used as an opportunity to 'set yourself apart'. Failure to attend the information session does not accomplish this objective of distinguishing yourself from the competition. The information session is designed so the recruiter can present you with information about the company, thus saving time during an interview to focus on you. If you are not on the interview list, you may attend the information session to talk with the company representative to see if there are any open slots on the interview schedule, however, you must be registered with HireABobcat prior to the interview.

You've faithfully completed your class assignments, passed your exams, and somehow managed to finish group projects while working part-time and participating in an extracurricular activity or two. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you might have wondered where is this all going to lead? Now is the time to find out...

The MSU Alumni Foundation and MSU Career & Internship Services are proud to host the MSU Bobcat Mentoring Program designed specifically to connect you with outstanding MSU Alumni ready to share their stories, networks and experiences to fast track you to the possibilities of your future.

This program is designed to allow you to network with an MSU Alumni who has created an unsurpassed career and are now willing to share their "wisdom." You'll meet for the first time in October then you'll have the opportunity over the next year to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from someone who has broken some pretty impressive ground.

Take a few minutes to apply or if you have questions please contact Hannah Jacoby, Bobcat Mentor program at 406.994.4353.


  1. Apply no later than Monday, September 19th by clicking on the link below.
  2. Mentor-Mentee matches will be made in October.
  3. Sit for a short interview sometime in September.
  4. The program continues with weekly "conversations" (email, phone, Skype, or in-person meetings) throughout the year. Plan to spend roughly one hour a week with your mentor.
  5. Enjoy the Bobcat Mentor Closing Celebration.