Our Mission

In 2012, MSU students saw a need for sustainability advocacy on campus and set the groundwork for the Office of Sustainabilty.  Since then, our office has strived to be the voice for progress and stewardship—for our land grant university, for our students, and for the betterment of our community. We work with students, employees, and our community to develop, coordinate, and promote campus sustainability. Our office supports students in pushing our university to excel.

MSU's Sustainability Goals


Steward use of student and the University's resources, ensuring these funds contribute effectively to campus sustainability efforts and engage students, faculty and staff in a meaningful way.


Provide employment, volunteer, and internship opportunities to students who wish to contribute to sustainability efforts at MSU.


Build programs that engage the campus in dialogue and action.


Link students, faculty and staff to information, campus resources, and decision-makers with regard to campus sustainability.


Leverage student activism by building partnerships with MSU administration and departments to provide program continuity year to year.


Advocate for increased institutional commitment to sustainable policies and practices.


Quick Facts

  • MSU has replaced approximately 1000 outdoor lights with highly efficient LED fixtures. The new LED lights save approximately $100,000 per year.
  • MSU Water savings projects have reduced water use on campus by approximately 26 million gallons per year resulting in cost savings of over $180,000 each year.
  • Renovations of HVAC systems in Leon Johnson, Wilson, and Tietz buildings resulted in a 40% drop in energy use —  equating to annual savings of roughly $130,000.


Areas of Focus

Sustainability Framework

The 2021 MSU Sustainability Framework features long-term targets, objectives, and an implementation strategty.


How MSU supports and encourages sustainable transportation options for the Gallatin community.

Programs & Projects

MSU puts sustainability principles to work in these programs and projects.


A description of the sustainability programs, majors, and classes available at MSU.

Who We Are

Learn about our mission and the employees who make the Office of Sustainability what it is today.

Getting Engaged

Here you can find sustainability opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community.


Learn about the amazing sustainability partners with whom MSU works.


Ensuring that sustainability is possible in all financial weather.