MSU students and employees may access a wide array of programs designed to make sustainability a little bit easier.  Whether it's carpooling to work, reducing paper use, or composting, we offer something for everyone. 


Snowy bikes parked outside of Jake Jabbs


Learn about transportation programs available to MSU students and employees.


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Student Life

MSU students are sustainability leaders.  These are the programs that support them.
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Describing the programs that help MSU embrace sustainability from the inside out.

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Waste Diversion

There is really no such thing as "throwing it away."  Check out how MSU manages it's waste.

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Local Foods

Discover more about MSU's long and productive history of working with local ranchers, farmers, and growers.   

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Made Possible by Donation

These projects are made possible through the generosity of our donors.


LEED Building Certifications

American Indian Hall external image.

As part of the State of Montana High Performance Building Standard Goals, all State projects with a project budget of $5 million or more must achieve a LEED Certification level of at least Silver. MSU has completed many new buildings since the passing of these standards, one of which is the groundbreaking LEED Platinum Norm Asbjornsen Hall, and several new LEED projects are slated for completion in the coming years. New construction will adhere to these standards and continue to improve sustainability and efficiency on MSU’s campus and in the State.


Explore the full list of LEED certified buildings on the Bozeman campus.

Reducing Energy Consumption

MSU has undertaken numerous energy efficiency projects that both reduce the University's environmental footprint and save money. These projects include:

  • A campus wide retrofit where t-12 light bulbs were replaced with t-8 light bulbs
  • North Hedges Residence Hall was retrofitted with a heat recovery ventilator
  • Variable frequency drives were installed on campus motors
  • Leon Johnson Hall received a energy retrofit, increasing efficiency
  • The North and South gym received lighting retrofits


Low flow water faucets installed in 2016

Low flow water faucets installed in 2016. 

In 2016, MSU began a large scale water savings project in the Roskie, North, and South Hedges Residence Halls. This project included replacing faucets and shower heads in all three residence halls. As a result of these changes, on average a total of 12 gallons per person per day (gppd) is saved across all three residence halls. The next stage in this project will be to replace toilets and urinals, followed by appliances such as washing machines.