Hosted April 18-19, 2022


Engage with fellow sustainability activists and MSU leaders to learn more about MSU Bozeman’s sustainability & carbon neutrality goals. The Summit will inform MSU Bozeman stakeholders (i.e., students, faculty, staff, and community members) on our to-date progress on these goals. The Summit will also enhance these stakeholders’ commitment and accountability to furthering progress toward those goals through transparency, active involvement, and sustainability education.


This event is free to the public and registration is encouraged whether you plan on attending a portion of the event or the full event. 


Meet the Keynote

Chad Pegracke

At the age of 23, Chad Pregracke founded Living Lands & Waters, an organizaion clearning up America's rivers and inspiring communities to become advocates for a better world.

View the Agenda

The keynote speaker, posterboard session, tunnel-tours, informative lectures and inspirational speakers will keep us learning all day long!

Tunnel Tours 

MSU utility tunnel
Take an underground tour of the MSU utility infrastructure, including two miles of tunnels below MSU's campus!

Landscape Tours

Consider the flowers
Visit with our Landscape experts and learn how soil, water and planting make MSU a healthy place to live and work