In order for the on-campus recruiting program to work effectively, all parties must meet certain obligations. Employers invest substantial time and money in recruitment efforts so it is extremely important that students treat every interview as a commitment. Missed interviews are a very serious concern because they lower the employer’s impressions of our campus and take away other students' opportunities. Scheduling an interview time with an employer and not showing up for the interview is a “MISSED INTERVIEW” and is unacceptable.

Students with a missed interview will be blocked from submitting resumes and from scheduling future interviews until sending a letter of apology to the employer. A copy of that letter must also be submitted to the Career Services Director in order to be reinstated in On-Campus Interviewing. You must still honor any other interview dates you already have scheduled. A second offense will result in your removal from On-Campus Interviewing for a period of one month. You must follow the above procedure to be reinstated on On-Campus Interviewing. A third offense will result in permanent removal from On-Campus Interviewing.


Late Cancellations

If you must cancel 48 hours or less prior to the interview date you must contact the EMPLOYER FIRST to explain why you are canceling. Contact information can be found on On-Campus Interviewing. Next, notify Career Services so we can change our records and confirm your cancellation with the employer. You must then bring documentation of illness or emergency to the Career Services Director before you can continue interviewing.

Any student canceling the day of an interview will be considered a “NO-SHOW” and treated as such.