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Dr. Martha A. Potvin

CORE 2.0 Renewal

One of the significant changes in 2004 that accompanied the adoption of CORE 2.0 was the introduction of periodic review and reaffirmation for all core courses.  Core approval is no longer indefinite.  Indeed, with the approval of courses, faculty are informed that the approval is for 2 or 6 years as recommended by the steering committee.  The CORE 2.0 Committee, along with the steering committees for the primary core areas, is now conucting course reviews.  The course assessment embedded in these reviews is an important part of MSU’s overall assessment strategy.

The committee is not asking that faculty reapply for core designation (i.e., there is no need to resubmit a full application) but rather that faculty provide updated information assessing how the course is meeting the intended outcomes for the core area.  This strategy is based on a simple tenet: Faculty regularly assess student learning in all courses, and an element of assessment for core courses should address the CORE 2.0 learning outcomes.   This assessment is an evolving process, and the committee recognizes that faculty preparedness to respond to this request will vary.  We ask only that faculty share the information they do have available that informs understanding of how well students are meeting the core goals for each course.  As MSU faculty develop experience with this process, we expect the sophistication of the responses to increase.  The attached cover sheet (in WORD) provides details.