CORE 2.0 Faculty Information

Proposing a Core 2.0 Course

In Fall 2014 Montana State University began using the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system for new course proposals and to update existing courses. The CIM system is used to propose a new CORE course, or to request a CORE designation for an existing course.

Core 2.0 Student Learning Outcomes

Foundation Course

Ways of Knowing (Inquiry and Research & Creative Experience Courses)

Core 2.0 Assessment

Foundation Course 

  • University Seminar (US)
  • College Writing (W)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Q)
  • Diversity (D)
  • Contemporary Issues in Science (CS)

Ways of Knowing (Inquiry and Research & Creative Experience Courses)

Ways of Knowing (Inquiry and Research & Creative Experience Courses)

Area Descriptions

  • Arts (IA or RA)

    Courses in the Arts will explore the production and consumption of meaning and value through forms of expression that communicate, in both logical and emotional terms, the arts.

  • Humanities (IH or RH)

    Courses in the Humanities will explore ethical and moral, aesthetic and creative, historical and descriptive dimensions of human cultural traditions, emphasizing methods of reaching a conclusion, formulating an interpretation, or making a judgment in the discipline.

  • Natural Sciences (IN or RN)

    Courses in Natural Sciences will emphasize a coherent body of scientific principles and the methods scientists use to create knowledge of the natural world.

  • Social Sciences (IS or RS)

    Courses in the Social Sciences will emphasize methods and principles used by social scientists to systematically study human behavior