Many of the approved diversity courses have scheduled recitation sections, or incorporate discussion into the everyday activities of the course. In addition to these mechanisms for ensuring that students have the opportunity to actively engage issues of diversity, we identified a selection of other techniques incorporated in diversity courses. Some are more novel approaches to active learning (e.g., the use of simulations, active learning techniques), some offer more detail on how small group discussions might be structured in large or small classes, and some suggest ways that discussion can be effectively incorporated in larger classes.

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Teaching Sociology has many articles that might be relevant to Diversity courses. Some of these are excerpted below. This journal is, unfortunately, not available on-line; it is in the Renne library stacks at HM45.T42.

Opportunities for discussion in large classes

Making small discussion groups work


Formal presentations

Writing assignments that lead to discussion

Ideas for active learning

Other classroom management issues

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