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Information for Transfer Students

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You are joining the university at a time when we are undergoing a major transition to a new general education curriculum called Core 2.0.

Will courses I transferred in with count toward completion of CORE 2.0?

Because MSU is in a time of transition, our information on course transfers refers to our old core designations: F—fine arts, G—global/multicultural, H—humanities, M—mathematics, S—social science, N—natural science, V—verbal. When you look up courses on the Transfer Equivalency Guide, you will find out if your course has already been evaluated.

  • If you see your course listed with an MSU equivalent and one of the old core letters (F, G, H, M, S, N, V), it will satisfy CORE 2.0 requirements. Please see the table below, the core checklist, and the core conversion website to see how your transfer courses are applied to CORE 2.0.
  • If you see your course listed with an MSU equivalent but without any core letters, the course transfers but does not satisfy a core requirement.
  • If you cannot find your previous institution or a specific course, it may just mean that it has not yet been evaluated; your advisor will be able to provide some guidance to assist you in course selection for the coming semester while your transcript is officially evaluated.

Please note that the online Transfer Equivalency Guide is for reference only. The equivalencies listed are the most current and are subject to change. Official transfer credit evaluations are completed in Enrollment Services.


Transfer Course DesignationCore 2.0 Equivalent
Verbal (V)Seminar (US)
Mathematics (M)Quantitative Reasoning (Q)
Writing (W)Writing (W)
Fine Arts (F)Inquiry-Arts (IA)
Humanities (H)Inquiry-Humanities (IH)
Social Sciences (S)Inquiry-Social Sciences (IS)
Natural Science (N)Inquiry-Natural Science (IN)
Multicultural/Global (G)Diversity (D)
2nd Humanities (H) or 2nd Social Science (S) or a total of 3 credits of 289, 290, 489 or 490Research and Creative Experience (R)
2nd Natural Science (N)Contemporary Issues in Science (CS)



  • Double counting will not be permitted in the conversion to Core 2.0 (e.g. HG must be IH or D)
  • There is no lab requirement in CORE 2.0.

I already completed the core at a Montana University System (MUS) school. Will I have any additional core requirements at MSU?

If you have already completed your core curriculum at an MUS institution, you will not have any additional core requirements to fulfill.