WRIT 101 is a multi-section, three-credit course with an enrollment cap of 25. Classes consist largely of first and second-year students. The course fulfills the written communication requirement of the current core and is taught by adjunct instructors, teaching assistants, and tenure-track faculty.

The departmental course design focuses on expository (vs. creative or personal) writing, requires at least four graded paper assignments per term, and calls for sections to be organized around topics/themes of the instructor's choosing. With some variation, typical sections of 101 incorporate a wide range of learning components in support of major paper assignments: reading of essays, study of writing instruction texts, short compositions in response to reading, in-class writing, small group workshops, peer review of writing, draft conferences, and class discussion.

Student Learning Outcomes

It is intended that students who complete WRIT 101 will have been significantly aided in their ability to:

  1. Use writing as a means to engage in critical inquiry through exploring ideas and challenging assumptions.
  2. Read texts thoughtfully, analytically, and critically in preparation for writing tasks.
  3. Compare and contrast the alternative perspectives of multiple texts and take a position in writing in response to them.
  4. Reflect on and strategically apply the individual writing process.
  5. Make meaningful use of source material, citing texts in ways that enhance writing content.
  6. Develop competence in the use of conventional structures and forms of expository discourse, including sentence mechanics, organization, and argument structure.
  7. Critique and receive feedback on writing and practice revision from the word- and sentence-level to that of overall reorganization and rewriting.
  8. Apply principles of expository composition to a variety of academic writing tasks, including writing in other courses.
  9. Accommodate the interests of readers through careful consideration of content and style.
  10. Collaborate with others in the writing process through discussion and feedback.