Find Help

To search for a single student in Find, type their student ID number or first/last name.   To look for a group of students, for example all seniors in a particular major, use the appropriate groups from the drop down boxes.

The “@” may be used as a wildcard.

After entering your search parameters, click the “Search” button, then OK.

Worksheet Help

The worksheet displays a student’s degree progress based on their declared major. This worksheet displays all the degree, general education/Core requirements, major, second major (if applicable), and minor (if applicable) requirements and the classes the student has taken to satisfy them.  The worksheet also shows incomplete requirements, reminding students of what classes they need to take. It illustrates the classes that have not been attempted (in red) and the classes in progress (in blue). For the classes that have not yet been attempted, DegreeWorks offers suggestions as to which class to take, thereby eliminating the hassle of searching for classes to satisfy an unmet requirement.

To get back to the worksheet/audit from any other screen in DegreeWorks, click "Worksheet".

What If Help

Use the What If function to see a worksheet/audit for a new or second major, or the addition of a minor.  If the student's default catalog year is not shown, a catalog year must be chosen. Where the current major is shown, pull down the menu and select a new major or option.  The minor selection menu is in the right column.

What If can be used whether a student is currently undeclared or thinking about changing their major.  The What If allows students to view how their progress changes with a new major, which classes can still be applied towards the new major or minor, which classes will not count, and which new classes need to be taken

GPA Calculator Help

The GPA Calculator tab is for students to calculate what their term GPA may be based on what grade they predict they will get in a course.  The GPA Calculator can help students in realistic goal-setting at the beginning of the term, as well as help with accurate mapping of their paths for achieving honors, avoiding probation or suspension, or satisfying personal academic aspirations.

Look Ahead Help

The Look Ahead tab is for a student to see exactly how a future course may be applied to graduation requirements.