The department's teaching and research addresses critical ecological and natural resources issues for Montana, but also tackles fundamental and applied questions around the globe.

Undergraduate programs within the department include Fish & Wildlife Management and Ecology, Conservation Biology and Ecology, Organismal Biology, and Biology Teaching. Graduate programs (M.S. and Ph.D.) include Fish & Wildlife Management or Biology and Biological Sciences and an intercollege Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

The Department is also home to the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit.

The Department of Ecology provides undergraduate and graduate education and research that advance our understanding of the interactions between living organisms and their environments.

This ecological knowledge is critical to the conservation and management of the state's resources, including fish, wildlife, plants and the ecosystems and landscapes that sustain them. Montana's natural resources are highly diverse and valuable to the state; thus, our department's contributions have major impacts on many complex issues.

Our educational and scientific contributions reach beyond the borders of Montana and include leading basic and applied ecological research in regional, national, and international issues. Recent research has shown that our faculty leads the world in ecological research in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. 

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