Enroll in 15+ credits.
Pay for 12 credits.
Graduate on Time

At MSU, tuition doesn't cost a penny more after you've registered for 12 credits in a semester.

That means you pay no extra tuition for taking 15 credits, 18 or even 21 credits! Montana residents will save $816 on the total cost of their education each semester they take 15 credits.

Here are some examples of how you could save:

Savings for Montana resident studentsTaking 15 credits:$820 per semester$1,640 per year$6,560 in four years*Taking 18 credits:$1,640 per semester$3,280 per year$13,120 in four years*
Savings for Non-resident studentsTaking 15 credits:$2,565 per semester$5,130 per year$20,520 in four years*Taking 18 credits:$5,130 per semester$10,260 per year$41,040 in four years*

*plus savings on additional room, board and fees.

In order to finish most degrees at MSU within four years, students must take an average of 15 credits per semester to reach 120 credits to graduate. Think of it this way: By taking three extra credits per semester, you could get your minor for free.

To learn more about Freshman 15, talk with your faculty advisor or the Advising Center today.

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