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Inheriting Indian Land
PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint slides have been developed to assist you when explaining AIPRA. They have been divided into topics. You can combine topics to meet the interests of your audience or you can use the "long version #7" or the "short version #8" listed below.

  1. How Interests Are Distributed Without a Will June 2012 for Flathead Reservation (264 slides)
  2. Fractionation: Inherited undivided interests June 2007 (30 slides)

  3. Ownership of reservation land by individuals and Who is eligible to inherit your trust land to retain trust status? June 2007 (29 slides)

  4. Individual Trust Interest (ITI) report and What happens to interests of less than 5% June 2007 (62 slides)

  5. Individual Trust Interest (ITI) report and What happens to interests of 5% or more June 2007 (85 slides)

  6. Writing a will June 2007 (34 slides)

  7. Individual Indian Money (IIM) account: Who receives the money if a person passes away without a written will? June 2007 (59 slides)

  8. Long Version: Includes all of above topics on AIPRA June 2007 (260 slides)

  9. Short Version: Summary of major AIPRA topics June 2007 (173 slides)