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Jobs at Montana State University

Tenure Track Faculty Positions

These positions come with an expectation of instruction, research and service. All positions carry academic rank, and incumbents are expected to stand for tenure. These faculty positions require a terminal degree.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Positions

These positions provide non-tenurable level instruction, research only and/or related functions. Titles may include the following:

NTT Faculty with Relevant Terminal Degree:

  • Assistant Teaching/Clinical Professor
  • Associate Teaching/Clinical Professor
  • Teaching/Clinical Professor

All Other NTT Faculty:

  1. Instructor/Clinical Instructor
  2. Lecturer/Clinical Lecturer
  3. Senior Lecturer /Senior Clinical Lecturer

Professional Positions

Professional positions perform work predominantly intellectual in nature and require consistent exercise of discretion and judgment while carrying out job duties. These positions are salaried (overtime exempt) as determined under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Some positions involve administration, management or coordination with titles such as Dean or Director. Professional positions in athletics carry titles such as coach, assistant coach, and trainer. A bachelor's degree, most often, is required as a minimum educational requirement for a professional position. Additionally, many positions require advanced knowledge and experience.

Research Positions

Research positions provide institutional research or research support and carry titles such as Postdoctoral Research Associate or Research Associate. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, research positions are salaried (overtime exempt). A master’s degree is most often a minimum educational requirement for research positions. Many research positions require additional related education and experience.

Classified Positions

These positions provide institutional support over a wide spectrum of occupations. Positions with titles such as physician, accountant, programmer/analyst, and research specialist frequently require a bachelor's degree or higher and/or a record of professional experience. Positions with titles such as administrative assistant, accounting technician, research aide, custodian, and food service worker range from entry level to advanced. Skilled craft positions are primarily located within Facilities Services and include titles such as carpenter, electrician, machinist, plumber, and painter.

MSU Extension Positions

These positions involve the outreach responsibilities of the Extension Service. Some of these positions are located in county Extension Service offices distributed throughout the state, with titles such as county Extension agent or county chair, while others are Extension specialist positions in Bozeman. The positions carry academic rank and some are eligible for tenure. A bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement for a professional position, with a master's degree preferred for most positions.

Affiliate Positions

Includes employment listings available at the MSU Foundation, the campuses of MSU Billings, MSU Great Falls and MSU Northern and the Montana University System Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.

Custom Calculator Custom Benefits Calculator

The custom calculator provides an estimate of the minimum monetary value of the complete compensation package for benefits-eligible jobs.

Students and Alumni looking for positions elsewhere are invited to try:

Career, Internship & Student Employment Services Job Search

Career Services maintains links to many Web sites advertising job opportunities in many fields and locations throughout the country. The links are organized by academic college, and the site also features a general job search capability.

The Student Employment Center is located in the Career, Internship & Student Employment Services, Strand Union Building, Room 177. The center provides students with information concerning on-campus and off-campus jobs, including part-time jobs during the academic year and part/full-time jobs for the summer. There is no charge and students do not have to be receiving financial aid to use this service.