Montana State University's Strategic Plan

Mountains and Minds: Learners and Leaders - Adopted 2012

Montana State University’s strategic plan sets overarching goals for the university and relies on every member of the MSU community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our community partners – to contribute to its success.

The plan is intended to guide and inform those making strategic decisions, without constraining the tactics that will help MSU achieve its goals. Each University unit is empowered to envision its future, develop its own paths to these goals, and contribute to the University’s success in diverse and creative ways.

This plan caps 18 months of work by hundreds of constituents across the University and state. The Strategic Planning Committee and the Planning Council, as well as faculty, staff, students, and community members, carefully considered the Montana University System’s strategic plan as well as the accreditation process to ensure that our goals and metrics move MSU forward.

Strategic Plan Progress Reports

Choosing Promise - A new strategic plan

Because MSU's current strategic plan concludes in 2019, MSU has been developing the next plan over the past year in order to provide continuity of direction and purpose with no gaps between plans. The new plan, called “Choosing Promise,” articulates the university’s strategic direction and will serve as its roadmap through 2024. It states the university’s mission, vision and values. It also lists areas of intentional focus and goals, as well as metrics that will be used to measure progress toward those goals and the specific actions needed to help reach them. The university will begin using “Choosing Promise” in January 2019.