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March 2019 Flagger Certification

Who Should Attend

Those wanting to become a certified flagger. Road department employees from cities, counties, MDT, Forest Service, Park Service, BIA and Tribal employees will all benefit from attending this workshop.

Workshop Description

This flagger workshop is a combination of lecture, manuals, video and hands-on problem solving with regards to flagging in a work zone. The five parts of a Traffic Control Work Zone will be discussed. Montana flagger certification will be issued to all participants who successful pass the course.

March 18 - Monday - Great Falls

March 20 - Wednesday - Missoula

March 21 - Thursday - Bozeman 

2019 Asphalt Instatute Conference, Bozeman, Montana, February 19, 2019

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be of interest to city, county, highway districts, state, tribal, federal agencies, private contractors and consultants.

Workshop Objective

Participants will gain knowledge of current asphalt techniques and technology.

Topics at this conference include:

  • Dealing with Asphalt Burns
  • High Density, High Durability Asphalt
  • MSCR Grading System vs PG Grading System
  • Migration toward PWL Spec from P-Value
  • Combating Segregation
  • Paving for Durability
  • Round Table Discussion from the Experts

17th Annual Safety Congress, Helena, Montana, January 28 - 31, 2019

Workshop Descriptions:
•Monday: Work Zone Technician is a combination of lecture, manuals, video and hands-on problem solving. The five parts of a Traffic Control Work Zone will be discussed. Flagging duties and responsibilities will be taught. Safety, uniformity and liability issues will also be covered in this workshop.
•Participant must have a current Flagger Card (Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, or ATSSA).
•Participant must submit 2 verification letters from supervisors verifying 2,000 Hours [1 Year] of
Temporary Traffic Control Experience with registration forms.

•Tuesday & Wednesday: Traffic Control Supervisor course is 2 days and will cover Traffic Control Standards, Fundamental Principles, Traffic Control Devices, and components of the Temporary Traffic Control Zone. A score of 80 percent is needed to pass the exam. Participants must meet the following requirements to become TCS certified. The first four items must be received at the Montana LTAP office before certifications will be issued for TCS:
•4,000 Hours (Two Years) of Verified of Temporary Traffic Control Experience
•Current Flagger Card (Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, or ATSSA)
•Successful Completion of Work Zone Technician Course
•Verifiable Field or Design Work Zone Traffic Control Experience - Outline of Your WZ Experience


•Thursday: Train the Trainer
Passing the Traffic Control Technician and Traffic Control Supervisor training courses are a prerequisite to register for this course. Upon successful complete of the above courses, including exams, students become an LTAP Certified Flagging Instructor and are certified to train flaggers for a period of 4 years. Priority will be given to Public Agencies. Train the Trainer course is required to teach a certified flagging course in Montana. To recertify as a flagging instructor, students must retake the Train the Trainer course.

Who Should Attend: Transportation employees participating in the different courses will learn basic skills of work zone areas, receive flagger certification, receive Traffic Control Supervisor certification, and obtain valuable transportation/worker safety information.


 Needs Assessment Survey: 2018-2019 Needs Assessment Survey:

  • Our goal here at Montana LTAP is to continue developing our training program to fit city, county and state requested needs. In order to accomplish this goal, we are asking our constituents to complete this new Needs Assessment Survey. This is a brief but easy-to-fill-out survey, click on the link above.
  • If you do not have web access capabilities, please contact us and we will send you the survey. If you need assistance, please call LTAP at 1-800-541-6671, 406-994-6100, or fax 406-994-5333 or e-mail LTAP Conference Coordinator Genevieve Houska.