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January 24 - 25, 2017: 15th Annual Safety Congress - Helena, MT

These safety seminars provide a variety of important information ranging from work zones to signing safety for the transportation workforce. By offering work zone safety information, the transportation workforce can select the specific class or classes they need to attend. Click here for registration form: Registration Form.

•January 24, 2017: Tuesday Morning: Helena, MT - Work Zone Technician:

This course is a combination of lecture, manuals, video and hands-on problem solving. The five parts of a Traffic Control Work Zone will be discussed. Flagging duties and responsibilities will be taught. Safety, uniformity and liability issues will also be covered in this workshop. Montana Flagger Certificate Cards will be issued to participants successful in completing a test. Click here for registration form: Registration Form.

January 24, 2017 Tuesday Afternoon and January 25, 2017, Wednesday: Helena, MT -  Traffic Control Supervisor

This course is 1.5 days and will cover Traffic Control Standards, Fundamental Principles, Traffic Control Devices, and components of the Temporary Traffic Control Zone. A score of 80 percent is needed to pass the exam. See registration brochure for requirements in order to become TCS certified. Click here for registration form: Registration Form.


January 24 or 25, 2017: Snow & Ice Maintenance and Working Outdoors Safety

Participants will learn the importance of winter maintenance plans and tools for gravel and paved roads from Instructional Consultant Bruce Drewes, 3T Group. There will be review of mechanical/chemical snow removal and elements for winter maintenance plans. Bruce will also provide his Working Outdoors workshop covering safety techniques for personal protection when working in the cold and heat. Click Here for Registration Brochure: Snow & Ice Maintenance and Working Outdoors Safety

•January 24, 2017, Tuesday: Wolf Point

•January 25, 2017, Wednesday: Miles City


SAVE THE DATE: February 28, 2017  - Asphalt Institute Conference -- Helena,MT

Save this important date, February 28, 2017, for the Asphalt Institute Conference being held in Helena, MT. Speakers include:

•Dave Johnson, P.E., Senior Regional Engineer from the Asphalt Institute;

•Dr. Jon Epps, P.E., Executive Associate Director from Texas A&M Transportation Institute;

•Dr. Louay Mohammad, P.E., Irma-Louise Rush Stewart Professor from Louisiana State University;

•Brian Johnson, AASHTO Lab Certification Manager;

•Wayne Jones, P.E. Senior Regional Engineer from the Asphalt Institute;

•Dr. Shane Buchanan, Old Castle.

Vendors welcome, see registration form for more information to reserve vendor table. 

For conference and registration information click here: Asphalt Institute Registration Brochure.


MACRS 37th Spring Conference: March 27 - 30, 2017

MACRS Spring Conference will be held in Great Falls, Montana.

For Participants: Click on Participant Registration Brochure

For Vendors: Click on Vendors Registration Brochure and Vendor Map


Needs Assessment Survey: 2014-2015 Needs Assessment Survey:

  • Our goal here at Montana LTAP is to continue developing our training program to fit city, county and state requested needs. In order to accomplish this goal, we are asking our constituents to complete this new Needs Assessment Survey. This is a brief but easy-to-fill-out survey, click on the link above.
  • If you do not have web access capabilities, please contact us and we will send you the survey. If you need assistance, please call LTAP at 1-800-541-6671, 406-994-6100, or fax 406-994-5333 or e-mail LTAP Conference Coordinator Genevieve Houska.

Equipment Training (Motor Grader, Loader, Forklift, Culvert Design and Installation)


Winter Safety/Winter Survival/ Winter Maintenance


Work Zone Traffic Control