The MI&E Manufacturing Laboratories are located in Norm Asbjornson Hall

- NAH 175: Capstone Heavy Assembly & Fabrication (workbench space & power tools; no machining - no welding)

- NAH 176: ETME 216/217 Manufacturing Processes Laboratory (mills, lathes, powder metallurgy and polymer fabrication methods)

- NAH 180: ETME 310 & 415 Machining Laboratory (mills & lathes)

- NAH 185: Senior Design (Capstone) and Graduade Student Machine Shop (mills, lathes, CNC, bandsaw, drillpress, benchtop welding - no grinding)

- NAH 188: ETME 410 CNC Machining and ETME 371 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory

- NAH 190: Offices & Material Storage (power shear & horizontal bandsaw)

- NAH 191: Capstone Light Assembly 1 (workbench space & power tools - no grinding)

- NAH 220: Capstone Light Assembly 2 (workbench space)

Only students, faculty and staff working on projects associated with M&IE department courses or research will be allowed to utilize these facilities. Laboratory users must adhere to the policies and procedures outlined on this webpage! They are intended to provide safe and orderly working practices and facilities while working in the laboratories.