Kristin Ruppel

Kristin Ruppel

Kristin Ruppel is associate professor of Native American Studies at Montana State University. Her training in anthropology, botany, and conservation biology led circuitously to a focus on the the United States' "civilization" policies and their ongoing consequences for American Indian allotted landowners. Her first book, Unearthing Indian Land: Living with the Legacies of Allotment, was published in 2008 by The University of Arizona Press. Current projects include a behind the scenes history of trust reform, and a study of the positive forms of indigenous resistance. She currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Federal Indian Policy and Law, Native Food Systems, Indigenous People/s and Film, and Critical Methodologies in Native American Studies.

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Select books and publications by Dr. Ruppel:

Unearthing Indian Land: Living with the Legacies of Allotment

What the Journal of American Ethnic History has to say about Unearthing Indian Land.





Updated: 6/8/2012