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Filmmaker presents documentary forum on terrorism Sept. 28 at MSU

September 6, 2011

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Filmmaker Vandana Sood-Giddings will present her film series, "Taxi Takes On Terror," in a free screening at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28, at the Montana State University Procrastinator Theatre.

Sood will host a question and answer session following the screening of the film.

In "The Taxi Takes on Terror," Sood-Giddings examines conversations between taxi drivers and passengers about modern terrorism that take place in Mumbai taxicabs. Sood-Giddings theorized that because taxi drivers serve all sectors of a society, crossing diverse ranges of geo-political and social lines, they serve as excellent arenas for communication. The films explore faith, identity, religion and more. The project integrates documentary filmmaking, image making, recorded conversations, and text on a Web platform to create a larger global forum for the discussion of modern terrorism.

Sood completed her MFA from Hunter College's integrated media arts program. "The Taxi Takes on Terror" is her MFA thesis project She also received a master's degree in mass communication from Jamaica's Mass Communication Researcher Centre in New Delhi.

Sood-Giddings started her career as a camerawoman for the British Council Film, "My Sister My Self," made for the Health Ministers summit in Geneva. In 2004, she won the prestigious Commonwealth Vision Award for her short on education. In addition to filmmaking, Sood has served as a media consultant for the India Centre Foundation an Indo-Japanese non-profit focused on inter-cultural communication.

Sood-Giddings said that "The Taxi Takes on Terror" is aimed creating a global discourse on modern terrorism that spans geographical divides.

"In India the fault lines based on caste, class, education and creed run deep," she said "Hence, it is important to find spaces where it is possible to have a dialog that overcomes such divisions---especially when the discussion is about terrorism, which does not discriminate amongst its victims and affects humanity universally."

The screening of Sood-Giddings' work is sponsored by the Diversity Awareness Office and the Indian Student Association. For more information, contact the Diversity Awareness Office at 994-5801.

Phenocia Bauerle (406) 994-5801,