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Anthropology students create exhibit featuring million year-old Kenyan artifacts at Renne Library

March 19, 2012

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A collection of stone tool artifacts made by early human ancestors will be on display in the Renne Library from March 19-April 6.

The artifacts were originally collected by famed paleoanthropologist Louis S. B. Leakey from several sites excavated in Kenya between 1925 and 1945. The artifact collection contains classic examples of Acheulian hand axes and other tools made by Homo erectus between 700,000 and 1 million years ago, as well as examples of the very first projectile points ever made by early modern humans during the African Middle Stone Age, between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago.

The artifacts will be on display alongside information about Louis Leakey and his family.

The Leakey exhibit was created as part of an independent research course in the Department of Anthropology. Anthropology students Betsy Garten and Meghan Forney have been working alongside Adjunct Professor Nancy Mahoney to research the artifacts and how they came to reside in department's teaching collection.

For more information, contact Nancy Mahoney at 406-599-2804.