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MSU to offer free campus parking for students during winter break

November 30, 2012 -- MSU News Service

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MSU News Service
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Montana State University is offering free parking on campus during the winter break for students who live off campus.

The parking is being made available in order to avoid creating hazards to snow plows on city streets and having student cars ticketed and towed, according to Chelsea Schmidt, MSU assistant director of Business and Community Relations. Cars that are parked on city streets may create hazards and can be ticketed and towed, resulting in fees of $100 or more.

Students who are interested in free parking, offered between Dec. 10-Jan. 11, must register their vehicles prior to their departure, Schmidt said. Free registration is available at the MSU Police Department, located near the corner of Kagy Boulevard and South 7th Avenue. After registering their vehicles, students will receive a permit to park on campus and directions to an available parking lot. Free parking is available only to students who are living off campus and currently registered at MSU.

Schmidt said the idea for free parking came out of the Good Neighbor Committee, which includes representatives from MSU and University Police, Bozeman Police Department, and the City of Bozeman, among others. The committee addresses community issues, such as parking, that may be affected by the student population in Bozeman.

"By offering off-campus students free parking over the winter break, it gives them an opportunity to be good neighbors and stewards of our community," Schmidt said. "Fewer citations and fewer hazards on the street benefit everyone.

"This is a product of the incredible town/gown relationship we have between MSU and the City of Bozeman," Schmidt added. "The Bozeman PD came to the Good Neighbor Committee with an issue, and we worked together with University Police to find a solution."

Students who would like to learn more are invited to call University Police at 994-2121.

Chelsea Schmidt, (406) 994-7884 or