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Sections of Garfield to be closed between July 29 and Aug. 19 for construction

July 26, 2013 -- MSU News Service

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BOZEMAN -- Sections of Garfield Street between the Louise Shunk Daycare and 19th Avenue will be closed between July 29 and Aug. 19 to install a new irrigation water main on the west side of the Montana State University campus.

 The work will be completed in two sections. 

The first section will be between the daycare and East Julia Martin driveway. That section is scheduled to close to traffic from Monday, July 29, through Monday, Aug. 12.  

 The second section will be between the West Julia Martin driveway and 19th Avenue. That section is scheduled to close from Wednesday, Aug. 7, through Monday, Aug. 19. 

The completion dates are estimations, however.  Project Manager Darryl Curfman, with Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, said if work on the first section finishes early, the second section will begin sooner.  The entire project will be completed no later than Aug. 19.

 Curfman gave these details about parking and access: 

1. The section of Garfield Street between East Julia Martin Drive and West Julia Martin Drive will be the contractor’s dedicated staging area. No traffic will be allowed to enter that area.  Local vehicles will detour through the Koch and Story Towers parking lot.

2. MSU service vehicles and approved vendors will have access to service areas within the other sections of closed road at all times.  Service personnel may need to coordinate specific access with McKinstry since trenching conditions will change continually.

3. Access to the North Hedges Suites driveway will be maintained at all times.

4. No parking will be allowed on either side of Garfield Street.

5. Local residents and MSU employees will have continuous (one-lane minimum) access to parking.

6. During non-working hours, barricades will be moved back to allow a minimum of one open lane for traffic.  Two lanes will be made available whenever possible.

7. All emergency services vehicles will have access to areas within this section of closed road at all times,  for any reason.

For other information, contact Curfman at (406) 994-5288, (406) 570-6962 or  


Evelyn Boswell, (406) 994-5135 or