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MSU evaluates internationalization efforts at meetings set Nov. 19

November 15, 2013

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Montana State University students, faculty and staff can provide feedback about the university's international efforts and their hopes for international programming in the future during public meetings at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 19, in room 138 of MSU's Animal Biosciences Building.

The public feedback sessions are part of the Internationalization Lab's site visit, a set of day-long meetings that are part of a comprehensive review of MSU's international activities.

MSU was invited to participate in the Internationalization Lab, an 18-month effort to help MSU to achieve "comprehensive internationalization," by the American Council on Education, based in Washington, D.C.

MSU administrators say participating in the lab will help the university provide and plan for multi-faceted, in-depth international education elements across the institution, providing the opportunity for students to develop international skills and knowledge essential to modern borderless careers.

"The ACE Internationalization Lab is useful to MSU because it emphasizes the importance of thinking about how the different dimensions of university international programs – international students, study abroad, global content in the curriculum, etc. should be thought of holistically," said Norman Peterson, executive director of MSU International Programs. "The lab’s grounding concept of 'comprehensive internationalization' helps us to organize international programs to be mutually supportive.  If we do this right, our students will benefit through a richer international experience at MSU."

Peterson said such an evaluation is important to all MSU students, present and future, as the university helps prepare them for an increasing number of "borderless careers."

Barbara Hill, ACE senior associate for internationalization, will lead the team of educators on campus to help MSU evaluate how to create and execute an internationalization plan. Other members of the team include Susan Buck Sutton, senior adviser for internationalization, President’s Office at Bryn Mawr College and Bill Lacey, vice provost and professor, University Outreach and International Programs at University of California-Davis.

In addition to the open meetings with faculty, students and staff, the ACE evaluation team will meet with the MSU Internationalization Lab committee, with MSU President Waded Cruzado and Provost Martha Potvin, and with MSU deans.

“We are very pleased to have had many MSU faculty, students and staff who have participated in open planning sessions starting nearly two years ago," said Robert Marley, interim vice president of student success and dean of students and project chair of the MSU Internationalization Advisory Committee. "I’m looking forward to receiving more feedback from our MSU colleagues as well as the ACE team and moving forward to the next steps.”

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