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MSU opens spring online courses for science teachers

December 10, 2013 -- MSU News Service

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BOZEMAN – Montana State University’s online graduate courses for science teachers are now open for spring registration. The courses are all part of MSU Extended University’s National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN).

Spring 2014 courses include offerings in the following departments: physics; earth science; land resources and environmental science; education, curriculum and instruction; and microbiology. Some courses are designed specifically for elementary-level teachers.

The semester includes a new course called “Physics of Renewable Energy for Teachers,” which will help secondary physics teachers connect topics in renewable energy sources to next-generation science standards in physics. Energy sources covered include potential power derived from nuclear fusion/fission, wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, hydrogen, biomass and water waves. World energy consumption and energy storage will also be covered. The three-credit course is Physics 591, and it begins Feb. 3.

Other online physics courses are “Comparative Planetology” (Physics 514), “Astronomy for Teachers” (PHSX 511), “Quantum Mechanics” (PHSX 513) and “The Science of Sound” (PHSX 591), a one-credit course designed specifically for K-8 teachers.

Earth science courses are: “Fundamentals of Oceanography” (Earth Science 591-801), “Weather and Climate for Teachers” (ERTH 591-802) and “Teaching Middle School Earth System Science” (ERTH 591).

Other courses include “Water Quality in the Classroom” (LRES 591-801), “The Dirt on Soil Science” (LRES 591), “Exploring Microbiology” (MB 536) and “Environmental Science Education: Winter Ecological Field Studies” (EDCI 591).

The courses offer MSU graduate credits to practicing elementary, middle, high school and community college teachers, and each course is entirely web-based. Courses offer from one to three graduate credits. Start dates range from Jan. 27 through Feb. 10. Teachers do not have to enroll in an MSU degree program in order to take the courses; however, courses may apply towards MSU's 12-credit online graduate certificates in science teaching and the university's Master's of Science in Science Education degree.

Members of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) receive a discount on many of the courses.

Register or read more about the courses at

For questions about registration, contact Kelly Boyce in MSU's Extended University at or (406) 994-6812 or toll-free (800) 435-1286. Course information is also listed on the NTEN Facebook page.

Kelly Boyce in Extended University at (406) 994-6812 or (800) 435-1286 (toll-free). Email