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MSU will offer leadership living community in fall

February 6, 2014

Students who opt for MSU's new Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community beginning next fall will be part of the MSU Leadership Fellows and MSU Leadership Institute programming. Members of the groups interacting with national and international leaders, among other activities, such as Maya Angelou who met with members of MSU's Leadership Institute when she visited MSU. Photo courtesy of MSU Leadership Institute.   High-Res Available

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Montana State University will offer a new residence hall living option for incoming freshmen interested in developing leadership skills beginning in the fall.

The Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community, a co-ed living option, focuses on engaging first-year students interested in leadership.

“The Emerging Leaders floor provides an excellent opportunity for students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to come together and learn,” said Blake Stemen, resident director for MSU Residence Life.

"These are students who have raised their hand and said, ‘I think I might want to be a leader.’"

Students residing in the Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community will participate in a one-credit course, UC 102 Leadership Explorations, in the fall semester as part of the MSU Leadership Fellows Program.

The MSU Leadership Fellows program incorporates interdisciplinary course work, self-study, service work and experiential education to empower students to become positive agents of change. The course offers students opportunities to discuss leadership theories, create strong peer connections, receive coaching from local leadership coaches and trainers and meet student and faculty leaders from across campus.

Students also participate in the MSU Leadership Institute programming, including interacting with national and international leaders and engaging in trainings. Students will have access to one-on-one mentoring aimed at supporting the completion of their leadership goals.

The Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community is a partnership of the offices of MSU Residence Life, MSU Leadership Fellows Program, and the MSU Leadership Institute.

“This collaboration is a strong example of how cooperation and servant leadership can have a tangible impact on students. I wish this had been available when I was a freshman,” said Ian Jones, Leadership Fellow who graduated from MSU in December with a degree in cell biology and neuroscience.

The Emerging Leaders LLC will be housed in South Hedges for the 2014-2015 academic year. Students will be paired with veteran resident advisors who exemplify leadership.

“The Emerging Leaders LLC will promote community and well-being, while focusing on a shared curiosity, common vision, and the thought ‘what do I have to offer as a leader?’” said Jeff Bondy, director of residence life.

For more information, contact Residence Life at (406) 994-2661 or visit, the MSU Leadership Fellows Program at 406-994-7667 or, the MSU Leadership Institute at (406) 994-7275 or visit,, or Twitter - @MSU_Leadership.



Carmen McSpadden, Director, MSU Leadership Institute,, (406) 994-7667