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MSU’s KGLT radio station voted Best of Bozeman

June 4, 2014 -- Tanya Reinhardt, MSU News Service

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BOZEMAN—Bozeman residents again selected Montana State University’s KGLT radio station as the Best of Bozeman. The station broadcasting on 91.9 FM received 38 percent of the 1,600 votes cast for best radio station during BoZone’s annual competition.

“We have been the Best of Bozeman for 13 years with BoZone, and prior to that we were on the list published by Tributary magazine,” said Ellen King Rodgers, general manager of KGLT, which has been on the air for 46 years.

According to Rodgers, KGLT recently wrapped up a successful annual fund drive that will cover half of its operating budget.

“The Best of Bozeman selection means we are supported in our community,” Rodgers said. “We have an incredibly loyal and dedicated following of people who like having live disc jockeys playing their own choice of music and supporting the community from the MSU campus.”

The station relies heavily on community support and volunteers. Rodgers said that of the 100 volunteers trained as disc jockeys each year, half of them are college students.

KGLT broadcasts more than 1,500 public service announcements each year and can be heard in Bozeman, Helena, Livingston, Gardiner and Mammoth, Wyo., as well as streaming worldwide on

“We have some wonderful shows that are being played on various stations throughout Montana. For example, Montana Public Radio in Missoula is playing the ‘Indie Chill Wave’ featuring Tim Tate, a longtime jockey for KGLT,” Rodgers said.

The station also offers a short broadcast called “Montana Medicine Show” written, researched and narrated by Derek Strahn, a historian and Bozeman High School teacher. Three additional radio stations in Montana have picked up the show that has been running for five years.

Contact: Ellen King Rodgers, (406) 994-3001,