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MSU graphic design students win national awards

June 16, 2014 -- Tanya Reinhardt, MSU News Service

Diana Heryford, a 2013 graduate in graphic design earned a gold ADDY award in publication design. Kinsey White, a 2013 graduate in graphic design earned a gold ADDY award in publication design. Richard Lane and Tamara Knappenberger received a silver ADDY for a team project for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Gallatin County.

Diana Heryford, a 2013 graduate in graphic design earned a gold ADDY award in publication design.    High-Res Available

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BOZEMAN—Montana State University graphic design students won two gold awards and a silver from the National American Advertising Competition in Boca Raton, Fla., this spring.

With more than 40,000 entries in the national advertising competition, Kinsey White, a Bozeman native and senior in graphic design, and Diana Heryford, a 2013 graduate in graphic design each earned gold ADDY awards in publication design alongside only 20 other gold recipients.

Richard Lane and Tamara Knappenberger, who graduated in May, received a silver ADDY in non-traditional advertising for a team project for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Gallatin County, which was created in Meta Newhouse's guerrilla advertising class. Newhouse is an associate professor of graphic design in the School of Art, and teaches students how to maximize impact on a low budget.

"The graphic design professors helped us develop confidence and trust in our own designs and intuition," Heryford said. "They knew when to help and when to make us do it ourselves."

The American Advertising Federation Student ADDY Awards Competition is a national awards program designed for college students. Students must win at the state and regional level before entering the national competition.

According to Jeffrey Conger, professor in the School of Art in MSU's College of Arts and Architecture, winning ADDY awards can impact job placement. Conger pointed out that MSU students are winning at the national level against students from larger universities and specialized art institutes. 

"Recognition through the ADDY program gives individual attention to the student talent and enhances the reputation and recognition of the entire graphic design program at MSU," Conger said, describing it as a win-win situation. ""The top design companies in the nation hear 'Montana State University' and it builds the reputation of the university, and our students become a sought-after commodity."

According to Knappenberger and Lane, they could not have won without the encouragement and training of their professors.

"Taking a class from Meta Newhouse is like cliff diving," Knappenberger said regarding the guerrilla advertising class where the students produced multiple projects for business clients. "The professional standards we were aiming for were amazingly high. At first you think, there is no way we can achieve this. And then you do. Holy cow! Nothing but the best is acceptable and she helps you get there. It’s kind of magic."

Lane said that because he and Knappenberger both have kids, they were quickly drawn to helping the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters program develop a marketing strategy to attract more male volunteers.

As part of the marketing campaign, Lane and Knappenberger designed cardboard signs for kids to hold outside local sporting good stores that read, "I am only seven, but know how to spell mentor." And, "Playing catch with one isn’t much fun."

Knappenberger is a freelance graphic designer in Bozeman and is working on the Bobcat Football magazine, Big Sky Journal, and promotional materials for the Museum of the Rockies. Lane works for the Harley-Davidson company in Belgrade.

White, currently a senior in graphic design and a Bozeman native, received her gold ADDY for the book, "The Official Guidebook for Espresso," written and illustrated for an assignment in Ixtla Vaughan's class. Vaughn is a graphic designer and owner of iDesign in Bozeman and is an adjunct professor for the College of Arts and Architecture. White's book contains hand illustrations on each page opposite text describing the beverage.

"It was such an honor to win at even the state and regional levels. I can’t explain the joy, shock and excitement of winning at the national level," said White, who is currently an intern with Vaughan.

Heryford's winning entry was a book she produced, "We're Burnin' Daylight," which was a capstone project in Conger's graphic design class. The book's cover depicted a Jersey cow cast in the golden glow of the sun earned her the gold award in publication design.

"My passion is photography," said Heryford who partnered with her mother-in-law, Lynne Heryford of Fort Shaw, who wrote the book. Diana did the design work, layout and photography for the cookbook, which featured Lynne's breakfast recipes and personal stories and Diana's photography.

Heryford attended the advertising awards ceremony in Florida and said it was entertaining and inspiring watching big name advertisers such as McDonalds and Pepsi receive awards in the professional categories for advertisements she had watched on national television.

"Getting an ADDY is a huge resume builder, and attending the conference helped with networking," Heryford said. Since graduating, Heryford has published the book, and it is now in its second printing.

"Gaining recognition at national competitions continues to build up the reputation of MSU's graphic design program, and it instills a sense of pride in our alumni who are working in the profession," Conger said.

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