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MSU science valentines feature microbes of Yellowstone National Park

February 8, 2016 -- MSU News Service

A series of Valentines created at Montana State University feature microorganisms such as Phormidium, Euglena and (pictured here) Thermus. Photo Courtesy of MSU Extended University.

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Montana State University’s Thermal Biology Institute and Montana Institute on Ecosystems have created free, downloadable science valentines featuring microorganisms found in Yellowstone National Park.

The valentines are based on organisms featured in “Living Colors: Microbes of Yellowstone National Park,” a guidebook produced by TBI and IoE in partnership with the Yellowstone Association Institute. The front of each card features an image of the microbe (and usually a pun); the back offers scientific information about the microbe’s characteristics and typical location.

Examples include “I’m picking out a Thermus for you,” featuring the microbe Thermus, and “I’m sul fur in love with you, Valentine,” featuring Sulfurihydrogenibium.

Scientists from both TBI and IoE study the unique characteristics of microorganisms found in Yellowstone’s hot springs. TBI was recently awarded a $1 million W.M. Keck Foundation grant to expand its work.

Download single images or the whole sheet for printing at

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