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Three-Minute Thesis event set for March 3 at MSU

February 19, 2016 -- MSU News Service

MSU will host the Three-Minute Thesis event on Thursday, March 3, from 3-4:30 p.m., at the Procrastinator Theater in the Strand Union Building. MSU photo by Sepp Jannotta.

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BOZEMAN – For a second straight year a group of graduate students from Montana State University will give the public a chance to hear an 80,000-word thesis distilled into 180 seconds. MSU will host the Three-Minute Thesis event on Thursday, March 3, from 3-4:30 p.m. in the Procrastinator Theater in the Strand Union Building.

The seven finalists chosen for the 3-Minute Thesis competition at MSU come from disciplines across the College of Engineering. They will try to explain, very concisely, how their research might affect you. Contestants must condense their research into a brief, engaging presentation for a non-specialist audience, using a single presentation slide.

Following is a list of finalists:

  • Jeff Simkins will present “MRI: A New Tool in the Fight to End Infectious Disease,” highlighting his research pioneering a better technique for measuring oxygen concentration in biofilms;
  • David Walters will present “The Microscopic View of Big Mountain Avalanches,” an examination of the small-scale interactions of individual snowflakes and how they produce avalanches;
  • Anali Huggins will present “Mental Workload and the Scheduling System,” a look at nursing workloads and scheduling patients;
  • Martin Tauc’s thesis, "Laser Sensing of Insects for Probing National Park Ecology," considers monitoring the effects of noise and light pollution on flying insects using lidar;
  • Utkarsh Goel, with his thesis “Making the Internet Faster,” will highlight his ongoing research on improving Internet connectivity;
  • Sarah Mailhiot will offer a look at her thesis, “A New Use for MRI: Diagnosing Arthritis,” and how water could be the key to diagnosing arthritis;
  • Julie Muretta and her thesis, “Making Environmentally Friendly, Strong Polymers,” will offer a glimpse of her research into creating durable, "green," nanocomposite films.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland in Australia. For more information, visit

Contact: Sarah Codd, (406) 994-1944,