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MSU is solidly behind community welcome resolution

December 23, 2004

President Geoff Gamble at the signing of the "All Are Welcome" resolution. MSU Photo by Carol Flaherty   High-Res Available

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    Poster symbolizing the "All Are Welcome" resolution. (Adobe Acrobat PDF format suitable for printing at 20.5 inches tall.) Poster Design by MSU Publications and Graphics.
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    Poster symbolizing the "All Are Welcome" resolution. (Adobe Acrobat PDF format suitable for printing at 11 inches tall.) Poster Design by MSU Publications and Graphics.

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Montana State University is solidly behind a resolution welcoming diversity in the Gallatin Valley, MSU President Geoff Gamble said Thursday as he signed the resolution.

Gamble and representatives of other Gallatin Valley organizations signed the document at the Gallatin County Courthouse. He said his signing was as a representative of MSU's Classified Employees Council, Professional Employees Council, Faculty Council, the Associated Students of MSU and the MSU Alumni Association.

Gamble added that he is very proud of MSU's collaboration with other community groups to develop a resolution that makes clear that people of all religions, races and ethnicities are important and welcome in the Gallatin Valley.

In signing the document, MSU joined numerous community organizations, from the Bozeman City Commission and Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Other organizations have consideration of the resolution on their agendas after the holidays.

A poster with graphic symbolizing the resolution can be downloaded and printed. It is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The links can be found below. The resolution reads:

All Are Welcome Here.

Because the Gallatin Valley has traditionally been a place where rivers and cultures meet,

Because Native Peoples continue to share this sacred earth with others,

Because the labor of ancestors of all religions, races, and ethnicities built our communities,

Because everyone benefits when human rights are respected, and protection of these rights is the responsibility not only of individuals but also of civic institutions and governments,

Because acceptance and tolerance are as necessary for economic viability as they are for personal growth, and

Because diversity promotes respectful, creative, and humane communities,

We, the undersigned, declare our individual and collective resolve to:

-- Honor and welcome human diversity,

-- Promote tolerance and inclusiveness in our public endeavors and private actions,

-- Work to end silence and stop the spread of hate,

And, in so doing,

-- Build just and caring communities, congregations, workplaces, schools and homes.