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Native Nexus Conference set April 13-15 at MSU

March 8, 2005 -- from MSU News Service

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Bozeman - A conference that will explore Indian arts and science at the Missouri Headwaters is scheduled April 13-15 at Montana State University's Strand Union Building.

Native Nexus, a conference organized by Native student groups at MSU, will focus on cultural understanding, environmental awareness among students, teachers, professionals, elders and tribal government officials. The conference will precede MSU's 30th annual American Indian Council Pow Wow, which is scheduled April 15-16.

MSU President Geoff Gamble will open the Native Nexus conference Wednesday, April 13, followed by an opening blessing by Henrietta Mann, Cheyenne prayer leader and special assistant to the MSU president. The conference will feature more than 20 presentations by renowned artists and scientists, including Gregory Cajete, artist and author of "Native Science;" Susan Stewart Medicine Horse, artist and director of Chief Plenty Coups State Park; Darrell Kipp, executive director of the Piegan Institute; Russell Stands Over Bull, president of Arrow Creek Resources; Birdie Real Bird, Hardin Public Schools educator and Crow doll maker; Suzanne Christopher, MSU health professor and director of the MSU Messengers for Health program; Walter Fleming, head of MSU Native American Studies Department and Tim Ford, head of MSU's Microbiology Department.

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society's (AISES) Knowledge Bowl for high school students will be held on Friday, April 15. The second Gathering of American Indian Artists Arts and Crafts Market, organized by the Montana Tribal Tourism Alliance, will take place on April 14 and 15 in the Strand Union Building.

Conference registration forms and more information about the conference, are available at the Native Waters website, or call (406) 994-6079 or email For more information on the American Indian Council Pow Wow, contact Jim Burns at (406) 994-4880 or For more information on the Gathering of American Indian Artists Arts and Crafts Market, contact Dyani Bingham at (406) 259-4600.

Contact: Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer (406) 994-3911