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Space Grant Consortium at MSU awards scholarships and fellowships

June 23, 2005 -- from MSU News Service

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BOZEMAN--The Montana Space Grant Consortium at Montana State University has awarded $80,000 in scholarships and fellowships to Montana students for the 2005-2006 school year. The consortium awards scholarships and fellowships annually to students pursuing studies in science and engineering at the 15 colleges and universities across the state that are consortium members. Funding comes from a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Two full-year fellowships ($15,000 each plus in-state tuition) were awarded to graduate students attending, or planning to attend, a consortium on campus. The students who will receive space grant fellowships, listed by hometown, major, year in school and campus, are as follows:

Katy Garton, M.F.A., science/natural history filmmaking, Montana State University

Chantelle Begay, Ph.D., geology, the University of Montana

Twenty-three scholarships of $1,000 each were awarded to undergraduate students attending, or planning to attend, a consortium campus. The students receiving the space grant scholarships, listed by hometown, major, year in school and campus, are as follows:

Megan Janke, junior, pre-professional health sciences, UM-Western

Big Timber
Autumn Glasgow, junior, mathematics, MSU - Billings

Eric Greenfield, junior, physics, MSU - Bozeman

Alaina Garcia, sophomore, aerospace engineering, Carroll College
Christoffer Renner, senior, physics, MSU - Bozeman
Barrett Sakow, sophomore, biochemistry, MSU - Bozeman

Nellie Cadotte, sophomore, pre-nursing, Blackfeet Community College

Michael Poser, senior, secondary education/broadfield science, MSU - Bozeman

Codi Kawasaki-Jensen, junior, nursing/medical field, Ft. Peck Community College

Matthew Bliwernitz, sophomore, computer engineering, MSU - Northern

Great Falls
Dana Wadleigh, senior, forensic science, University of Great Falls

Angel Big Back, sophomore, allied health, Chief Dull Knife College
Tiffany WhiteClay, junior, environmental science, MSU - Bozeman

Justin Moore, sophomore, computer information systems, Ft. Belknap College

Paul Gopher, sophomore, physics, MSU - Bozeman
Kevin Harada, senior, chemistry/biology, Rocky Mountain College

Katie Schumacher, senior, metallurgical/materials engineering, Montana Tech

Bonnie Gillan, senior, physics/astronomy, The University of Montana

Lodge Grass
Robin Stewart, freshman, forestry/natural resources, Little Big Horn College

Clark Kogan, junior, physics, The University of Montana
Jenna Rettenmayer, mathematics/physics, MSU - Bozeman

Heather Mitchell, sophomore, pre-engineering, Salish Kootenai College

Sara Jo O'Connell, senior, biology, Carroll College

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