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Media advisory: MSU experts available to discuss avian flu

February 1, 2006

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MSU News Service
Tel: (406) 994-4571
Note to editors: If you are planning to write or air a story on avian flu, these Montana State University experts are available for interviews and willing to comment:

Cliff Bond, professor emeritus of microbiology, a virologist.
He has been following the avian flu discussion since 1997.
Phone: (406) 994-4130

Jim Burritt, virology instructor, assistant professor of microbiology.
He teaches a course on "Virology with Medical Emphasis" and can answer general questions about avian flu.
Phone: (406) 994-5667

Allen Harmsen, professor of immunology and veterinary molecular biology.
He is researching influenza (not avian flu), but his work would relate to avian flu.
Phone: (406) 994-4706

Mark Young, professor in the microbiology and plant sciences departments.
He is an expert in virology and willing to field general questions about avian flu.
Phone: (406) 994-5158