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Calling all bookworms: Feb. 6 Talking Books salon turns focus to reading

January 12, 2007 -- By Carol Schmidt

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The seductive obsession of reading will be the topic of the upcoming Talking Books Salon, set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6 at Borders Books.

Michael Sexson, MSU English professor and a self-confessed book lover who owns thousands of books that he will not be able to read in one lifetime, will moderate the discussion.

"This session of Talking Books will be devoted to book addicts, those for whom life without books would seem the worst of all worlds," Sexson said. "Those present will be invited to share stories of this benign addiction, and will be encouraged to enable others in the perpetuation of the disease by citing titles, authors, and moments of readerly ecstasy."

Sexson said the discussion will include mention of "The Most Wonderful Books," edited by Michael Dorris and Emilie Buchwald; "A Passion for Books," edited by Harold Rabinowitz and Rob Kaplan; "Bookworms," edited by Laura Furman and Elinore Standard; and Italo Calvino's "If on a winter's night a traveler." In the last book the Italian fabulist designates eight types of readers ranging from those who seek, even in old age, to recover the book read in childhood, to those for whom all books are part of a single, immense, ultimate Talking Book.

Sexson invites readers to come and discover which of the eight readers they are during the discussion.

For more information, contact Borders Books at 522-9789.


Michael Sexson (406) 994-5189,