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Local teachers named "Influential Educator" by MSU students

June 13, 2007

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Each year, award-winning students from Montana State University's College of Education, Health and Human Development acknowledge "Influential Educators." This year, scholarship recipients nominated 32 educators from Montana and six from out-of-state for the award. The nominees may have been a teacher or leader, a parent or someone else who has influenced the student's life. Educators received the awards during the college's recent awards banquet.

The following individuals were nominated and are listed alphabetically by their hometown, with their position and the name of the nominating student.

Kimberly Boehler, MSU Department of Education; Art Methods instructor and doctoral student, nominated by Tracey Neighbor.

Deidre Combs, adjunct MSU faculty in the Honors Department, nominated by Amanda Larrinaga.

Robin Cory, Cory Home School, nominated by Meriah Cory.

Jayne Downey, MSU Department of Education, nominated by Caitlin Ann Curfman and Britta Hubbard.

Laura Massey, MSU Department of Health and Human Development, nominated by Gretel Stolzman.

Carrie B. Myers, MSU Department of Education, nominated by Loni Podzemny.

Albert Parker, MSU Math Department, nominated by Miles Baughman.

John Pipolo, self-employed, nominated by Jessica Pipolo.

Ken Brewelheide, MSU, retired, nominated by Alexis Silva.

Phillip Forbes, nominated by Cristin Forbes.

Bill Hug, MSU, nominated by Chelsea Wright.

Chris Seifert, MSU adjunct instructor, nominated by Tasha Smith.

Judith Franzak, MSU Department of Education, nominated by Caitlin Edmiston and Jessica Treis.

Deborah Haynes, MSU Department of Health and Human Development, nominated by Christopher Cox.

Linda Runkel, MSU adjunct instructor, nominated by Quincy Kimbrell and Soren Koetter.

Allison Harmon, MSU Department of Health and Human Development, nominated by Kate Malone.
Scott Davis, MSU Department of Education, nominated by Kiira Troth.

Holly Hunts, MSU Department of Health and Human Development, nominated by Chad Ellis.

Gary A. Kane, MSU graduate teaching assistant/graduate student, nominated by Caleb Wofford.

Tina Moore, nominated by Athlene Allred.

Jennifer Y. Peabody Ekalaka Public Schools, family and consumer sciences teacher, nominated by Lindy Stoltz.

Shayne Doyle, MSU adjunct instructor, nominated by Megkian Penniman.

Kally Porrini, Capital High School, nominated by Lacy Little.

Lynette Zuroff, Carroll College, dean, nominated by Leah Zuroff.

Margaret Williams, education administrator, nominated by Sarah Williams.

Karen Durbin, Fergus High School, family and consumer science, nominated by Miranda Estes.

Darwin and Susie Rabenberg, (Susie) Rabenberg Homeschool grades 3 -12; (Darwin) bank president and principal of Rabenberg Homeschool, nominated by Rebecca Rabenberg.

George Kent, Manhattan Christian High School, nominated by Michelle San Souci.

Senna Lowner, program coordinator; School of Public and Community Health Sciences, nominated by Matthew Larsen.

Park City
Robert Hogemark, Park City Schools; high school mathematics, nominated by Stacy Hogemark.

Diann Kaul, Westby Public School, 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, nominated by Georgia LaForge.


Clovis, California
Sheila Edwards, teacher's aide (retired), nominated by Cyndie Peterson.

Erskin, Minnesota
Karla Nelson, nominated by Rebecca Schons.

Fort Collins, Colorado
Beverly Rohrer-Leslie, Front Range Community College - Larimer, nominated by Shelby Frye.

Gillette, Wyoming
Sharon Hinton, nominated by Darcey Sant.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Karen Steele, MSU academic advisor, nominated by Stephanie Schlimgen.

Palisade, Colorado
Michael Hahn, MSU Department of Health and Human Development, biomechanics, nominated by Sarah Eby.

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