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MSU announces computer science scholarship recipients

June 26, 2007

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The Department of Computer Science at Montana State University has awarded scholarships to outstanding students for the 2007-2008 academic year. The scholarships are donated by a cross section of businesses in the technology field.

Organized by hometown, the list below includes the student's name, scholarship name, and student's year at MSU.

Randall Reynolds, Sonderegger Scholarship ($1,000) and Micron Scholarship ($5,000), junior.

Black Eagle
Mateo Jara, Zoot Enterprises Scholarship ($1,000), junior.

Justin Gregory, Sonderegger Scholarship ($500), senior.

Michael Nolop, Sonderegger Scholarship ($500), senior.

Jesse Pitstick, Micron Scholarship ($5,000), junior.

Kelly Kortum, Sonderegger Scholarship ($500), junior.

Ryan Heimbuch, Micron Scholarship ($5,000), senior.

Great Falls
Cassie Reynolds, Micron Scholarship ($5,000), senior.

Heidi Tynes, RightNow Technology Scholarship ($5,000), junior.

Shelly Young, Sonderegger Scholarship ($500) and Durkee Scholarship ($7,000), senior.

Jared Hedegaard, Micron Scholarship ($5,000), senior.

Ian Lake, Zoot Enterprises Scholarship ($5,732), senior.

Russell Tempero, RightNow Technology Scholarship ($5,000), senior.


Driggs, Idaho
Evan Johnson, Telesoft Scholarship ($6,000), senior.

Etna, Wyo.
Kelvin Bateman, Micron Scholarship ($5,000), junior.

Pindale, Wyo.
Wesley Gooch, Telesoft Scholarship ($6,000), senior.

Kathy Hollenback (406) 994-6810