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MSU's Gorham receives top photography award at regional competition

February 24, 2010

MSU photographer battled unseasonably cold temperatures and a case of the flu to capture images of the 2009 Ed Anacker Ridge Run for MSU's Mountains and Minds magazine. The images recently won a Grand Gold at the CASE District VII awards as the best photographs and illustrations in the contest. MSU Mountains and Minds photo by Kelly Gorham.    High-Res Available

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Montana State University photographer Kelly Gorham received the highest award for photography and illustration at a competition of colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada held recently.

Gorham's photographs for an MSU Mountains and Minds magazine story on Bozeman's annual Ed Anacker Ridge Run won a grand gold for photography and illustration in the Council for the Advancement of Support of Education District VIII competition. Gorham's series of photographs about the 2009 run was the best photo or illustration entry from colleges and universities in the CASE district that includes all the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

Gorham's photos accompanied a story written by MSU News Service writer Evelyn Boswell about Ed Anacker, a retired MSU chemistry professor whose long-time feats of extraordinary physical endurance inspired the Ridge Run. Now a Bozeman institution, the 20-mile race across the crest of the Bridger Mountains is considered one of the most grueling races in the country.

Boswell's story can be found online at: A slideshow of Gorham's Ridge Run photos narrated by MSU professor Scott Creel, a frequent winner of the race, can be found at:

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