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Two grain marketing publications now available

March 6, 2010 -- MSU News Service

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BOZEMAN -- Two new publications on grain marketing are now available from Montana State University Extension publications. Both publications are free.

"The Futures Hedge (Short Hedge)" publication introduces readers to using futures at national commodity exchanges. Advantages and disadvantages of using futures is discussed in this publication. Readers are also offered scenarios in which this grain marketing option would be a valuable tool.

Authors Mark Major, MSU Teton County Extension Agent, and Alan May, South Dakota State University Grain Marketing Specialist, produced this publication as a result of hundreds of face-to-face discussions with farmers in South Dakota and Montana.

"Grain Contracts with Local Elevators," the second publication, is designed to help Montana grain producers understand the most basic elements of grain marketing. This publication is written by Major and is the result of grassroots efforts to get back to the basics of marketing.

Both publications are MontGuides and are available online at and

These two publications can also be ordered from MSU Extension Publications at (406) 994-3273, or at Contact: Alice Schaefer, Publications Coordinator, (406) 994-3273

For more information, contact Mark Major at (406) 466-2491 or

Evelyn Boswell, (406) 994-5135 or