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New guide to identify ticks available from Montana State University Extension

May 27, 2010 -- MSU News Service

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A new publication to identify many tick varieties is available from Montana State University Extension.

"Ticks of Veterinary and Public Health Importance in Montana" gives an introduction to ticks and helps readers identify six species common to Montana, and learn about tick transmitted diseases and tick management and control.

Author Gregory Johnson, Veterinary Entomologist in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences, included photos and diagrams in the 16-page ticks guide that show hard- and soft-bodied ticks and how to properly remove an attached tick. The ticks guide describes life cycles and preferred hosts of all the different species, as well as the diseases transmitted by each species of tick.

Another Extension publication, Montana's Noxious Weeds, was recently updated to include the new noxious weed curly leaf pondweed and the regulated plants hydrilla and cheatgrass from the state noxious weed list. The publication was also updated to reflect changes to the classification of noxious weeds from three categories into five priorities (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, and 3).

Montana's Noxious Weeds is an 84-page, full-color guide designed to help identify state classified noxious weeds. The guide was edited by Jane Mangold, MSU Extension Invasive Plant specialist, and Monica Pokorny, former MSU Extension research associate.

The guide includes full-color images of all the listed noxious weeds in different stages of growth for easier identification and a list of options for management.

The Ticks Guide is available for $2 and Montana's Noxious Weeds cost is $4. The booklets can be ordered from Montana State University Extension Publications at (406) 994-3273, or at

Alice Schaefer, Publications Coordinator, (406) 994-3273 or