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Public television service in Butte, surrounding communities updated

June 24, 2010 -- MSU News Service

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MontanaPBS viewers in Butte and surrounding communities can expect improved access to public television, thanks to an updated translator.

The translator in Butte is now up at full power with a signal that is reportedly very strong, according to Lisa Titus, MontanaPBS development director.

"In fact, some people in Bozeman may even be able to pick it up," Titus said.

Titus said that people in the viewing area should re-scan for new channels if they haven't already done so. The channels in Butte are 9.1 through 9.5.

The upgraded translator allows people in the viewing area to have improved access to five channels that comprise public television in Montana. The first is the standard channel, which airs the programs that most people are used to seeing on public television -- kids' programs, cooking and painting shows, news and special prime time programs. Some of the channel's most well-known programs include "Sesame Street," "NOVA," "Antiques Roadshow" and "Backroads of Montana." The other four channels include an educational kids' channel, a "how-to" channel, a legislative channel and MontanaPBS World.

MontanaPBS serves more than 150 communities around the state. It can be viewed over the air and on cable, satellite and dish networks.

Lisa Titus, (406) 994-6221 or