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MSU hits $8 million stadium goal ahead of schedule: Considers 'Going for two'

November 17, 2010 -- MSU News Service

In little more than four weeks, MSU has netted more than $8 million in private donations and matching funds to enhance and improve Bobcat Stadium by next season. The university is weighing whether an additional $2 million in private funds can be raised to finish the second phase of the project, which would completely bowl in the south end zone and add a total of 5,200 seats to the stadium's current capacity. MSU Photo by Kelly Gorham.   High-Res Available

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In a little more than four weeks since Montana State University President Waded Cruzado announced a stadium improvement project, the Montana State University Foundation's EZ Campaign has exceeded its goal and pending Board of Regents approval, the university can begin construction on the first stage of a renovation to Bobcat Stadium.

MSU Foundation officials announced Tuesday that the EZ Campaign has topped its $4 million goal, raising $4,129,362 in private donations to renovate and expand the south end zone of Bobcat Stadium.

On Oct. 16, the eve of MSU's 2010 homecoming game, Cruzado announced that the university would match up to $4 million of private donations with Regents and university-approved financing that would be paid back over time entirely from athletic department revenues such as ticket sales.

"She said, if the donors will come, we will have a new end zone for 2011," said Phillip Luebke, communications officer for the MSU Foundation. "And the donors have responded by meeting and exceeding our call to action in record time."

Luebke said the $8,129,362 netted will fund the completion of phase one of the renovation, including replacing old wood and metal bleachers on the south end of the stadium with grandstand-style seating to match the seating on the east and west sides of the facility, for a gain of an additional 2,500 seats. The first phase also includes new locker rooms, public restrooms, concession facilities, and a new multi-media scoreboard.

The second phase of the plan, which is estimated at an additional $2 million, would add approximately 2,700 more seats and completely bowl in the south end of the stadium, making for a bigger and better game day experience.

Because the next $2 million must be 100 percent from private donations, Luebke said that the success of the campaign will be determined by the resolve of the donors.

"This is a call to action for anyone who considers themselves a Bobcat to step up and rally behind our president," he said. "The question is will we have an $8 million stadium, or, to use the language of football and the two-point conversion, are we going to go for an additional two?"

Luebke said that question may be answered in the next two days at the meeting of the Montana Board of Regents, which will review the university's plans to build and finance the project.

Meanwhile, he said that anticipation and support continues to build as the Board of Regents deliberates on Thursday and Friday in Missoula.

Further details about the EZ Campaign may be found at:

Contact: Phillip Luebke (406) 994-2416,