Montana State University Body Project is proud to launch the new face of the program. This beautiful artwork that will represent the MSU Body Project was created by a student artist here at Montana State University. Her work explores the female figure and is inspirational to woman as she relates her work the the feminine identity. We are excited to have a new face to MSU Body Project and would like to introduce you to the artist who has so wonderfully represented our program with her artwork: 

chelsea lipscomb

Chelsea Lipscomb 

An MSU undergraduate senior, from Charlo Montana. She has been making and showing around the Bozeman area and throughout Montana for the last 6 years, and is currently pursuing a studio arts degree, here on campus and is planning on continuing on to Graduate school to further research ceramics and fine art. 

Artist Statement 

How do you decorate yourself? What aesthetic decisions do we make regarding personal decoration and how does it reflect on the objects we interact with on a daily basis. Do the choices we make regarding self decoration or the things we surround ourselves with place implications on how the world interprets how we are. Forms focusing on the female figure interest me because I'm curious about the way we collectively view femininity. Through description of form or the implication of the female through patterns can infer a feminine aspect or influence a male or female gaze. Ceramics as a medium is the perfect way to explore these thoughts. The items I create have a sense of fragility, familiarity, sexuality and bring with them a comfort level at the same time as you use ceramics or view it daily. By exploiting the combination of female form with patterns, drawings, glazing, and layering them on ceramics you are coming into contact with a relationship between two sides of aesthetic decision: form and decoration. How I am relating this to feminine identity or the implications of the female is my interpretation of design processes have created and are continuing to form the psychology behind what femininity is.