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Wednesday & Thursday

"Permanent Pantry"


"Pop-up Pantry"

Bread and produce from the "Bread Room" are unlimited and available every Wednesday and Thursday at the Permanent Pantry.


At the Permanent Pantry, clients may complete a "full shop" 5 times each semester. The full shopping experience allows clients to personalize their non-perishable food boxes according to their household size and desired food types.

Bread and produce are unlimited and available each Saturday at the Pop-up Pantry.


Prepacked non-perishable food boxes are available the 1st Saturday of each month at the Pop-up Pantry. Boxes are standardized for a 1-2 person household.

For households with more than 2 people, please attend that Wednesday or Thursday pantry to personalize your food box for YOUR household size.


Any MSU student, faculty, staff, or family member can use the pantry services.

Trips to the "bread room" and "Pop-up Pantry" for bread and produce are unlimited! Full shopping experiences at the "Permanent Pantry" or prepacked food boxes are available 5 times each semester.

You can track your remaining full shopping experiences or food boxes with a Bounty of the Bridgers Food Box Card, available at either pantry.

Either! Both The Bounty of the Bridgers Pop-up and Permanent pantries are here to help!