The Bounty of the Bridgers Campus Food Pantry  

Open to All of the MSU Community

The Bounty of the Bridgers Campus Food Pantry is a student-driven initiative to combat food waste and food insecurity on the MSU campus for students, faculty, and staff started in October of 2017. Our pantry is available to offer supplemental and emergency food assistance to any student, faculty, or staff in need! We have two convenient locations on campus to best serve our MSU Community that provide a variety of items to fit your needs. 

Interested in applying for SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program with the State of Montana)? Schedule an appointment with a trained BoB staff member today by emailing Bounty of the Bridgers!  Email BoB here

Attention MSU STUDENTS!  The September 2021 (Fall semester) Food Security Scholarship Application is now available. If you are a student with barriers to accessing enough food or nutritious food, please consider applying. The MSU Food Security Scholarship provides a limited number of commuter meal passes    (25-meal pass) in the form of a scholarship award. The application is open until September 10, 2021. If you are interested in applying, please follow the link to the application.

Permanent Pantry

 Wednesdays  11am - 1pm

                 Thursdays  4pm - 6pm


Located in the basement of the MSU Office of Health Advancement at 1102 South 6th Avenue, across the street from the new American Indian Hall


Pop-Up Pantry

Saturdays 1pm - 3pm


Located in the Family Graduate Housing Community Center at 1218 South 15th Street





Any MSU student, faculty, staff, or family member can use the pantry services.


For information about the Bounty of the Bridgers, please email [email protected] or call 406-994-4380

As frequently as needed! We do not limit customers to a set number of visits.”

At the Permanent Pantry, you can park in the driveway or behind the building in the alleyway parking lot. At the Pop-up Pantry you may park on the street outside the Family & Graduate Housing Community Center.

The Bounty of the Bridgers Permanent Pantry has nonperishable goods, bread, and produce items. The Pop-up Pantry serves only bread and produce. Please visit whichever pantry best serves your needs!

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at [email protected]

With our new process changes, we have an increased need from clients.

At this time, we are seeking primarily monetary donations due to potential contamination of physical food items. If you are able to give, please do so through the MSU Alumni Foundation link here and designate your gift to the Bounty of the Bridgers. 

Donations of in-need items such as pasta, shelf-stable milk cartons, peanut butter, bagged sliced bread, and cereal can be dropped off at the Office of Health Advancement.