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Are you ready to change your life?

                  Koru Mindfulness is the only evidence-based mindfulness curriculum                designed for college-aged adults.

                 In four weeks, students learn practical skills that help them manage stress and open their minds.

               Koru’s randomized, controlled trial shows results that include :

 > Students reported feeling more calm

 > Students improved their mindfulness

 > Students felt more rested

 > Students had greater self-compassion

Join the growing Koru community of >10,000 students at over 100 institutions!

Interested? Click here to Visit the KORU website to learn more!

Classes meet once a week for four 75 minute sessions; scheduling is flexible.

     All classes and materials are free of charge!

     For more information about KORU Mindfulness Training offered here at MSU :                         Call or email us at MSU UHP Office of Health Advancement                         406-994-7287 or