Condom Bingo

Condom Bingo is an educational learning tool about those who are interested in learning about sexual health. Sometimes this is a student’s first exposure to any type of sexual health education, so we cover the basics from different types of contraception, to how to properly use a condom, to where to go if you think you need to get tested. Facilitators keep the environment safe and open so students feel free to engage and ask questions if they have any.

What to expect

Student interns will set up, facilitate, and clean up after playing rounds of Condom Bingo with the group. The game includes helpful information about the spread of STIs, as well as information about resources available to students on campus.

What students can expect to learn from it

Students can expect to learn about different aspects sexual health in a fun and open environment. Facilitators encourage engagement with activities, and they keep the atmosphere upbeat and informative, without making students feel uncomfortable. Students leave with a better basic understanding of contraception use, how STIs can spread, and what resources are available to them.

Request a game

We also do presentations on stress, sleep, alcohol use, wellness, etc. If you are interested in having the Office of Health Advancement present on the topic of sexual health to a group, contact us at (406) 994-4380